Located in the South Pacific, Fiji consists of more than 300 tropical islands, which boasts numerous activities and beautiful sites to indulge in. There are a few basics to be aware of prior to taking your dream vacation. The majority of flights land at the Nadi Airport located on the west coast of Viti Levu, which is the largest, most populous city in Fiji.

FijiFor monetary purposes, you might want to become familiar with the current currency exchange rates, as the Fiji dollar is the primary currency on the islands. Traveler’s checks and credit cards are widely accepted on the main islands, yet local currency is necessary if you plan to visit one of the smaller islands. Tipping is not necessary and is not encourage according to Fijians local customs. The weather is warm and inviting year round, so pack accordingly. With the basics covered, let us begin to explore Fiji and its numerous offerings. Again, the area of Viti Levu is the most popular and modern region in all the islands. Public transportation is easy to locate here, with air-conditioned busses, taxi service, and rental car availability.

Fiji ReefThe neighboring island Vanua Levu, also offers some public transportation, but there is practically none available on the neighboring islands. Small boats owned by locals and hotel vehicles are often are the only mode of transport on the smaller islands. Few ferries are available, but the locals and their boats are often happy to be rented out for the afternoon to take visitors sightseeing. Finding something entertaining to do or beautiful to see will not be an issue in Fiji. For those who prefer to have an escort and planned itinerary, there are tour packages available for single day adventures of specific sites and islands. Several reputable companies specialize in tours that last several days, allowing travelers to experience a number of the islands of Fiji without handling the details themselves.

Fiji KidsTravelers that prefer to find and create their own Fijian adventures have complete freedom to explore the islands at their own pace, but will need to consider transportation options before heading out on an excursion. Popular activities in Fiji primarily revolve around water sports, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, and relaxing on the lovely white sand beaches. Many people are surprised upon arrival to notice that Viti Levu sits upon a tropical rainforest covered mountain, and is a backpacker and hikers dream environment. The Yawawa Islands, which lie north of Viti, are more secluded so less tourists visit here, causing it to be popular with backpackers, hikers, and those seeking romantic seclusion.

Fiji PoolThe locally owned Botaira Beach Resort here is a great budget lodging option and features traditional thatch huts. Another less tourist-frequented gem is Wananavu, in northern Viti. The two-bedroom villas are a perfect place to relax and enjoy the views. The beautiful clear waters surrounding Fiji have made it a popular destination for scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts. Not only do the waters have a fascinating assortment of sea life, but also the coral atolls that sit just offshore the islands are one of Fiji’s most popular tourist attractions. Most noted for the spectacular coral is the Mamanuca Islands, where many lodging options are available due to its popularity. One popular family friendly offering is The Castaway Island Resort located right on the beach.

Regardless of where you stay or what you experience on your trip to Fiji, the memories are certain to last a lifetime. As one of the most diverse vacation destinations in the South Pacific region, all visitors will certainly to want to return some day.